Brand Swag for Chesapeake Community's BFF

  • Oct 31, 2020

Buffalow Family and Friends Community Days is a local non-profit organization working towards alleviating food insecurity in Hampton Roads.

You can’t miss their unique bumblebee colors which continues to buzz through the South Norfolk/Chesapeake area serving the community. BFF, as they are affectionately called, has diligently provided meals and other needed essentials to families in need during the pandemic. 

Executive Director, Nischelle Buffalow, has made it her mission to try and provide as much food and essentials as she can for the local community. Her foray into helping the less privileged began in November 2010, when she volunteered at a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving Day. She recalled that the nearest kitchen was in Norfolk and remembered that it was very crowded. Following her Thanksgiving experience, this led her to coordinate their Annual Christmas giveaway event. Her heart went out to the kids who didn’t have any warm winter clothes and she wanted to supply them with some to ensure that they would be warm for Christmas.

BFF Vendor Event She said: “[It’s a] food desert area in which we live. You have to have transportation in South Norfolk to get quality food... This year has really been the busiest year with COVID…”

BFF started a delivery system 5-6 years ago to ensure that senior citizens were fed. Then it expanded to include underprivileged youth. The organization has done a lot to combat food insecurity in the Chesapeake areas. Services extend to the college park area in Virginia Beach, VA, and Berkley in Norfolk, VA.

The organization has grown, thanks to a continued partnership with Now You’re Cooking Culinary Studio, and a recent partnership with Mercy Chefs, who delivered fresh produce for senior citizens. When asked about how using branded merchandise has impacted the organization, Nischelle had this to say…“It lets them know who’s actually dropping the food off to them. One of the drivers once dropped off food at one of the locations and a customer said “I didn’t know that social services continued services”, so having branded items helps to increase the visibility and awareness of the organization. It lets people know who we are and that we are out here serving our community.

"Everyone loves the bags and the tent. It has always been something that we wanted to do.”

We were extremely honored to help them increase brand awareness and visibility. Since we last spoke, BFF has acquired the much needed and desired facility to house their operations. For almost 10 years, BFF operated out of Ms. Buffalow's home and currently,  none of the staff receive a salary.

She added: “Most of our financing is through family and friends. Covid has allowed us to tap into different needs. Right now it takes about $10,000 per month to do what we do.”

With continued support from family and friends, we hope that the good work BFF is doing will be recognized, encouraged, and supported. We are happy to have been able to help them forge a stronger brand presence so that the community they serve can see the good work that they are doing.

For more information on how you can support Buffalow Family and Friends Community Days (BFF) and it's upcoming 2020 Thanksgiving Initiative, visit, call 757-739-5222 or email